2019.07 Monthly Report (Announce)


  1. GBT Protocol Activity 1

  2. GBT Protocol Activity 2

  3. Introduction of new members of GBT Protocol

  4. GBT Protocol's participation in Block Battle season 2

1. GBT Protocol Activity 1 - Taipei

  • Participation of 2019 Asia Blockchain Summit

GBT Protocol team participated Asia Blockchain Summit, ABS 2019 which was held at Taipei Marriott hotel on July 2nd and 3rd.

At 2019 ABS, blockchain experts, specialists from Hong Kong China main exchanges, capital, communities also participated.The event was featured two days of presentations, discussions, and networking regarding the most important commercial developments, technical innovations, and public policy issues with 100+ speakers and 4,000+ attendees who are building the foundations of the growing blockchain ecosystem.

At conference table, GBT Protocol CEO Jangwon Lim explained about the history of GBT Protocol and roadmap of mainnet development to blockchain specialists and also shared the details about DApp, and Planet Wallet.

Moreover, GBT Protocol participated Asia Blockchain Summer 2019 Vip Party which was organized by ZB.COM & BW. With great honor, GBT Protocol was introduced as the first successful IEO project in South Korea.

Lastly, Jangwon Lim was discussing about cooperations with Genesis in regarding to listing on chinese exchanges and expanding communities marketing plan for further blockchain business developments in China at Genesis Social Night Party.

2. GBT Protocol Activity 2 - Singapore

  • World eSports & Blockchain Summit MARVERLS Singapore 2019.

GBT Protocol participated World eSports & Blockchain Summit MARVELS at Singapore which was held at Marina Bay Sands Convention Center on 16–17th July 2019 by Korea CEO Summit, companies with over 8,000 members.

At MARVELS Singapore 2019, blockchain experts, specialists for eSports, entrepreneurs, global financial investors , government officials and leaders of press participated this event and they presented each topics and shared their opinions and most recent knowledge.

Especially, for the success of the conference, Ki mun Ban who was the eighth Secretary-General of the United Nations and Malaysian princess Tunku Tun Aminah Maimunah Iskandariah also joined this event.

CEO Jangwon Lim had a speech about GBT Protocol at the conference. He had explained the concept of DApp, Planet wallet, Mainnet development among projects plans. Also he reiterated that blockchain technology has to be improved as origin technology in terms of scalability and flexibility of management for 4th industrial environment.

After conference, GBT Protocol also participated WORLD CEO SUMMIT. At WORLD CEO SUMMIT, government officials, institutional investors, IT leaders were having dinner time together to network.

Jangwon Lim had an amazing time to meet and socialize with Ki mun Ban(the 8th Secretary-General of UN), Un ju Lee(member of the National Assembly), and Byung gun Kim(Bithumb CEO).

Also he met Ja Long Hoang(BitCEO CEO) and discussed potential cooperation plans to build blockchain business network with influential companies in Vietnam.

3. Introduction of new members of GBT Protocol

We would love to have a time to introduce our new members. We strongly believe that human resource is most valuable assets of the company as blockchain industry is emerging industry. Especially, we learned the importance of teamwork via participation of Block Battle. Therefore, we considered deeply and decided to bring two more members for the sake of the company.

  • Project manager Sola Shin

Q. Please introduce yourself briefly.

A. Hello. GBT communities. I am Sola Shin who come back to Korea to contribute to Korean economy with what I have experienced from London, Liechtenstein, and Zurich. I am open-minded to learn new and diverse things.

Q. Please let us know about your previous careers.

A. I was working as event manager at All Bar One which is entertainment company in London. After I was in charge of Korean Marketing at TEND AG which is blockchain company and located in Zug Crypto Valley.

Q. Why did you decide to join GBT Protocol team?

A. I was impressed at the attitude of GBT Protocol team about stuff situation of blockchain world and it makes me curious about the team.

Q. Please give us your aspiration words about future with GBT Protocol.

A. I will try my best to accomplish the slogan of the company, "New paradigm of Internet" at my place. Thank you for having me in this journey.

  • Blockchain Team lead Liam Park

Q. Please introduce yourself briefly.

A. Hi, Everyone. I am Liam Park living near by Borame park with lovely son and wife. I usually enjoy outdoor activities like inline skating, mountain biking, and ridge climbing.

Q. Please let us know about your previous careers.

A. The beginning of my careers, my main duty was OSS/BSS. In the middle term, I was in charge of data management(engineer/scientist) at open markets and game companies. Lastly, I was in responsible of Blockchain mainnet(Network/consensus algorithm), Exchanges(normal/margin), wallet(normal/custody).

Q. Why do you decide to join GBT Protocol team?

A. I strongly felt that I could make something that can change the world better with GBT Protocol team with my knowledge.

Q. Please give us your aspiration words about future with GBT Protocol.

A. I would love to make GBT Protocol as leading company in the world which can last more than 100 years.

4. GBT Protocol's participation in Block Battle season 2

Block Battle season 2 was successfully ended on 18th of July. The winner of first season, GBT Protocol participated as one of judges at the competition.

CEO Jangwon Lim announced the winner of second season to Somesing and also stated judging comments "I marked highly to Somesing not only because they have outstanding UX,UI but also they are already performing their strategies which also deal with future business expansion and marketing"

Additionally, GBT Protocol participated Block Battle seaon 2 Meet-up on 26th of July. At this event, he gave Tuneup to Archon, EVZ, Juchating, Pantheon X, and Somesing who were in Top 10 of Block Battle season 2.