Macronodes source file storage

1. Dapp developer’s MCR and SCR Slot selection

Separate source files to execute SC in the Dapp.

  1. When SC in the Dapp is executed by aSC transaction executed by a micronodes, a subject to execute is macronodes.

    2.Dapp developers separate required source files to operat each SC transaction.

Assign MCR and SCR Slot per each necessary source file to execute SC transactions.

  1. The minimum number of macronodes and maximum number of micronodes to execute SC transactions is deterined by Dapp developers.

  2. The minimum number of macronodess means MCR Slot, and the maximum number - minimum number of macronodes means SCR Slot.

  3. Selected supernode assigns thMCR Slot by using macronodes’s MCR and SCR Slot by using SCR, and if needed, macronodes’s MCR can be assigned in SCR Slot.

2. Assign selected supernode MCR and SCR Slot

Assign MCR Slot

  1. Selected supernodes measure capacity required by each individual source file and select macronodes to execute the MCR Slot. This is generated as blocks written as the SC execution value verification routing table.

  2. Supernodes possessing source files send the source files to macronodes prescribed in the SC execution value verification routing table. Supernodes sending the source files are seleced sequentially among the file holders.

  3. When macronodes send transactions verifying acceptance of source files, the source files transfer is finished. If there are macronodes not sending transactions confirming acceptance in time, it goes to the next step.

  4. Selected supernodes verify macronode transactions by using the storage verification mechanism. (See the storage verification mechanism)

  5. Macronodes not sending confirmation transactions more than n times are regarded as abusing and get slashed.

Assign SCR Slot

  1. Selected supernodes upload SCR Slot Auction contract of certain source files in the block. Slot Auction is publicly executed every first day of every month.

  2. In the period of auction of each slot, auction participants join by escrowing the amount of tokens to be staken in SCR Slot. If admin of original slot wants to keep operating slot, he has to join the slot auction.

  3. If the auction is finished, in an order of higher bid amounts, participants become new macronodes operating slot according to the number of slot. New macronodes download source files from supernodes.

  4. For continuity of operation, over a day since auction is finished, source files are executed following the origianl SC execution value verification routing table.