Micronodes source file store

1. Mechanism providing source files to micronodes

  1. Supernodes possessing source files publish the download link connected to their storage to download the Dapp on the Dapp store.

  2. Micronodes approahced to the link via a valid address and key can download the Dapp from supernodes.

  3. Supernodes sending Dapp source files for installation to micronodes are determined sequentially. If there are supernodes receiving the source files from Dapp developers, they provide in the first order in the upcoming round.

  4. If all supernodes provide source files, they are recorded in download blocks. The blocks are generated every n source file and referred to the supernode compensation.

Storage verification through the storage verification mechanism

  • By using the storage verification mechanism, checks whether micronodes are receiving files properly. (See the storage verification mechanism)