Supernode source file store and provision

1. Delivery process to all source file supernodes in the Dapp

Generate the routing table of selected supernodes

  1. Selected supernodes generate the routing table notifying that Dapp developers deliver all source files to what supernode.

  2. This routing table is delivered to Dapp developerss and supernode when generated or updated.

Dapp developers’ source file delivery

  • Dapp developers deliver all required Dapp source files to supernodes referring to the content of routing table.

2. Supernode source file storage compensation

Monthly payment

Compensation for source file storage

  1. All supernodes agree on the storage price per n times source file capacity every month. Its result is reflected in the source file storage price table through GSC verification.

  2. Dapp developers stake tokens as much as compensation for supernodes’ source file storage for a month.

  3. The amount of tokens is staken n% more than supernode’s compensation during the whole period amd regularly reflects the current GBT price. Developers can drop the amount of tokens if the GBT price drops. On the other hand, developers should stake more tokens if the GBT price drops. It is because supernodes guarantee a monthly payment.

  4. A subject bringing the price feed for calculation on a fiat basis is selected supernods.

  5. By reflecting the GBT price at the settlement time, on the contract expiration date, the certain amount of GBT is released from stakes as compensation.


The number of micronodes’ Dapp downloads

  1. n% of compensation for source file storage is given as compensation for supernodes’ micronode Dapp source file provision.

  2. Monthly supernode compensation is proportionally distributed comparing the total amount of Dapp downloads to the amount of individual supernode Dapp source file provision.

3. Supernode punishment

Punishment for not providing source file

  1. If supernodes do not provide source files requested by macronodes and micronodes in a certain period, it is recorded in a download block.

  2. Referring the relevant block, supernodes investigate the number of supernodes not providing a source file and the number of not provided source files by supernode.

  3. Supernode storage compensation contract is executed by the GBT Protocol smart contract verification method.

  4. By operating the contract, a certain amount of staking tokens of supernode which does not provide a source file gets slashed.

    5.This is proceeded on every first day of every month with supernode storage compensation.