Dapp Developers

1. Behaviors in the network

Provide supernode source files

  1. Dapp developers provide Dapp source files that they developed to operate in the GBT Protocol.

Provide selective source files to macronodess

  1. Dapp developers determine the number of slots to open related to macronodes’ selective source file store and Dapp operation. (See the Dapp source file distribution)

  2. If Dapp developers combine macronodes and SC so that macronodes can receive source files selectively, they should send the relevant source files to the relevant macronodes.

Provide compensation

  1. Dapp developers stake compensation for supernodes in the pool, which store all source files of the Dapp and send compulsory source files to macronodes, to regularly compensate. (See the Dapp source file distribution)

  2. By staking compensation for macronodes executing SC of micronodes storing some source files of the Dapp in the pool, Dapp developers enable compensation to be reularly distributed. (See the Dapp source file distribution)

2. Qualifications to participate

  1. Launch Dapp in the GBT Protocol

3. Compensation

  • Operate the decentralized Dapp

4. Expected participants

  • Dapp developers