1. Behaviors in the network

Provide the source file storage space

  1. Macronodes mendatorily provide storage space to store source files.

  2. MCR is defined as n% of the storage space provided by macronodes.

  3. Other parts than MCR, they can be additionally provided by the SCR Slot Auction.

Verify the SC execution value

  1. Macronodes should verify SC transactions delivered from supernodes.

2. Qualifications to participate

Download the GBT Protocol client

  1. By download the GBT Protocol client, macronodes should verify that they use general PC-level computing process devices and are not imaginary.

Token Staking

  1. To participate as macronodes, minimum k tokens per a macronode account should be done Staking.

  2. The amount of Staking ① guarantees faithful behaviors of macronodes, which is ② smaller than the amount of Staking by supernodes, ③ and is set equal to the same level by macronode considering the entry barrier.

  3. The amount of Staking is determined through voting by supernodes on a basis of Fiat. The amount of Staking will be regularly renewed.

  4. In case of renewal, original participants are not affected by the changed amount of Staking. However, in case of re-Staking after punishment or new participation in the network, the original participants follow the renewed amount of Staking.In case of participation in the SCR Slot Bidding, to provide services for desirable source files, apart from the network qualification, macronodes should do more Staking. (See the Dapp source file distribution)

3. Compensation

Compensateion for the SC execution value verification

  1. Every first day of every month, macronodes get compensation through the SC execution value verification.

  2. The verification compensation is determined by the number of processes by each macronode and the price table per each SC transaction. (See the SC transaction verification mechanism)

4. Punishment

Staking deduction in case of evil behaviors in the network during the verification

  1. In case of the verification value not submitted or the incorrect verification value submitted, n% of the macronodes’s Staking are deducted.

  2. In this case, the macronode cannot get compensation for the relevant verification.To participate in the network again, punished macronodes should stake more for the insufficient amount of Staking.

5. Expected participants

  1. General PC usersb.

  2. Idle PC holder companies