1. Behaviors in the network

Use the GBT Protocol Dapp

  1. Micronodes use the Dapp generated by Dapp developers. Transactions about GBT transfer and SC execution between Dapp usages are generated.

Verify transactions

  1. Micronodes verify GBT transactions to evaluate whether the GBT transactions are valid.

  2. GBT condition renewed based on the agreements among verifiers is stored. (See the GBT transaction verification mechanism)

2. Qualifications to participate

Download the GBT Protocol client

  1. By downloading the GBT Protocol client, micronodes should verifiy that they are mobile devices and are not imaginary.

Join through KYC

  1. To prevent the verification abusement with multiple unused devices, each micronode should join the GBT Protocol through KYC such as mobile phone number authentication.

3. Compensation

Using the GBT Protocol without fees

  1. For compensation of the GBT transaction verification, micronodes can use the network without fees to process its transactions.

4. Punishment

Transaction process priority drop

  1. Transactions of micrnodes who did not faithfully participate in the verification are pushed back from priority. (See the GBT transaction verification mechanism)

5. Expected participants

GBT Protocol Dapp users

  1. Dapp users in the GBT Protocol should operate micronodes.