Selected supernodes

1. Behaviors in the network

Assign all Dapp source files to supernodes.

  1. Selected supernodes generate the supernode routing table to decide to receive what Dapp source file from supernodes storing source files and match them.

  2. Selected supernodes continuously update the current status if changed and operate the routing table. (See the supernode source file storage and provision)

Assign MCR to macronodess

  1. To operate source files of Dapp developers, selected supernodes assign MCR Slot to macronodes. (See the macronode source file storage)

Operate the activation dashboard

  1. To verify GBT transactions, selected supernodes operate dashboards used to select micronodes. (See the selected supernode action for more deatils)

Feed the GBT price

  1. Selected supernodes manages behaviors to record the current GBT price in the GBT Protocol.

2. Qualifications to participate

Select through a selecting process among supernodes.

  1. Every supernode should stake tokens to participate in the network.

  2. Selected supernodes are selected from voting by supernodes.

  3. Supernodes willing to get voted for being selected supernodes should stake more than a certain amount of tokens. This guarantees that supernodes can perform well as selected supernodes.

  4. The total number of selected supernodes is three.

3. Compensation

Compensate for the proper MCR distribtuion

  1. Selected supernodes get compensation for behaviors of distributing source files to maintain that the MCR compensation for macronodes is equal to the storage capacity.

  2. Selected supernodes should distribute source files considering each macronode’s remaining storage space and execution frequency per source file.

  3. The standard deviation of compensation per MCR storage capacity for macronodes storing specific source files determine whether selected supernodes properly distributed MCR source files. selected supernodes get more compensation as the standard deviation is smaller.Compensation for selected supernodes is provided as much as n% of compensation for macronodes given for executing source files every month.

4. Punishment


  1. Because selected supernodes are selected from voting by supernodes, selected supernodes are disqualified if they are punished for evil behaviors.

  2. From disqualification, extra revenue is removed.

5. Expected participants

  1. Supernodes who stake more to earn revenues.