1. Behaviors in the network

Generate blocks

  1. Supernodes check delivered blocks from micronodes and macronodes and confirm them sequentially. If an incorrect block is delivered, supernodes reject the block.

  2. Supernodes record the results of micronodes and macronodes voting on the block generation.

  3. Supernodes keep all transactions occurring in the network in a form of block.

Provide the source file storage space

  1. Supernodes provide the Dapp source file storage space. Source files are stored off-chain.

  2. Files that individual supernodes store are determined by selected supernodes. In this process, a matter of choice does not exist as compensation is ditributed in proportion to the storage capacity unit. (See the supernode source file storage)

Provide source files to micronodes

  1. Supernodes provide their source files to micronodes when the micronodes require them.

Distribute source files to macronodes

  1. Supernodes provide source files to macronodes to execute the source files.

  2. Selected supernodes regularly confirm what macronode should execute what sourcefile based on the execution frequency of source files and the macronode compensation data, and regularly provide the source files according to this process. (See the selected supernode)

Source file executable macronode routing

  1. When supernodes are requested to execute source files, they route the requests to macronodes possessed the source files.

Generate the micronode verification pool

  1. Supernodes randomly choose nodes to verify transactions of micronodes at regular intervals. (See the GBT transaction verification mechanism)

  2. Supernodes arrange transactions occuring from micronodes and spread them to the selected verification pool.

  3. Selected supernodes check the online and offline status of individual micronodes to generate the verification pool. (See the selected supernode)

GBT Protocol contract verification

  1. Supernodes verify contracts in the GBT Protocol other than GBT transactions and SC transactions. (See the GBT Protocol contract verification mechanism)

2. Qualifications to participate

Server-level infrastructure verification

  1. Supernodes should be verified that they have the server-level infrastructure through the GBT Protocol client.

Token Staking

  1. To participate as a supernode, participants should stake minimum k tokens.

  2. The amount of Staking ① guarantees faithful behaviors of supernodes, which is ② smaller than the amount of Staking by macronodes, ③ and is set equal to the same level by supernode considering the entry barrier.

  3. The amount of Staking is in proportion to the source file storage space that will be provided by supernodes. It is becausethe more storage space is provided, the bigger responsibility follows.

  4. The amount of tokens to be staked per storage space is determined by supernodes’ voting on a basis of Fiat. The amount is regularly renewed.

  5. In case of renewal, original participants are not affected by th changed amount of Staking. However, in case of re-Staking after punishment or new participation in the new network, the original participants follow the renewed amount of Staking.The more tokens are staked, the bigger storage space that supernodes can provide is.

3. Compensation

Source file storage compensation

  1. Supernodes receive fees from Dapp source file developers for storing files. (See the supernode source file storage)

Source file providing compensation

  1. Supernodes receive fees from developers for compensation for providing source files to micronodes. (See the supernode source file storage)

4. Punishment

Punishment for not providing source files

  1. Supernodes are punished for not providing source files requested by micronodes and macronodes. (See the supernode source file storage)

Punishment for the incorrect distribution of source files

  1. Supernodes are punished if the compensation variability for macronodes executing their source files is over a certain standard. The standard of compensation variability is the standard deviation.

Staking deduction in case of evil behaviors in the network during the verification.

  1. In case of the verification value not submimited or the incorrect verification value submitted, n% of a supernode’s Staking are deducted. In this case, supernodes cannot get compensation for the relevant verification.

  2. Punished supernodes should stake more tokens to cover insufficient amounts of the storage space previously occupied.

5. Expected participants

  1. Server-level or higher level infrastructure companies